Our Bioparticle Trap focuses target species onto stagnation lines that are 1000 times more concentrated than the bulk solution in a matter of seconds. Amplification of a signal via concentration is of critical importance with diagnostic kits to be useful with samples that are very dilute with respect to the species of interest. The Bioparticle Trap is perfectly suited to applications that require multiple analyses of a single sample or reuse, such as remote environmental sensing or continuous monitoring of a medical condition, because the lines can be moved and then erased as soon as sample analysis is complete. In a matter of seconds, the Bioparticle Trap takes a sample with an uncertain amount of target species and turns it into a clear, quantifiable fluorescence or impendence signal.

Graduate student Diana Hou makes the micron-sized gold electrodes using photolithography.

The lines on either gold electrode are highly concentrated E. Coli.

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