Integrated dc Pump/electrospray


By fixing a DC electrospray to the end of an electro-osmotic micropump, we have developed a new nanospray that can be used as a front end for mass spectrometers.  The micropump uses a silica monolith as the working medium and a Nafion ® membrane capillary.  The use of these two materials gives the Integrated DC Pump/Electrospray several distinct advantages over currently available nanosprays including:

• Precise control of the fluid flow rate, since advection carries the sample.
• The ability to analyze biological samples, because the silica monolith is effective at          pumping organic solvents.
• Reduction of clogging through the porous silica monolith.
• Elimination of electrolytic bubbles from the capillary via the Nafion ®  membrane.
• Inexpensive, easy fabrication.

The electro-osmotic micropump compared to a U.S. quarter.  The pump provides precise control of flow rate by variation in voltage.

The stable Taylor Cone produced by the electrospray emits nano-sized charged droplets.

When hooked in series with the micropump, the electrospray is a potential front end for mass spectrometers.


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