The Center for Microfluidics and Medical Diagnostics facilitates the transfer of ideas created at the University of Notre Dame in the areas of environmental sensors, medical diagnostics, and drug delivery to industrial partners. The center brings together interdisciplinary teams of professionals with expertise in microfluidics, nanofabrication, and microbiology.

The center works with microbiologists at Scientific Methods, Inc., to develop disposable chip-based diagnostics and sensors without colony culturing. The miniaturization and automation of bacteria and virus detection devices has several significant advantages over current techniques. Less volume is required for analysis. Labor and time-intensive lab work is eliminated. Information is available on-site, on-demand.

Researchers in the center are also developing new techniques for the preparation and delivery of therapeutic treatments of the future. Promising treatments for cancer and engineered DNA for gene therapy may require special coatings or nanoparticle hosts to ensure that they can successfully travel to their destination in the body. One exciting drug-delivery project being conducted in the center, in collaboration with the Walther Cancer Research Center, is to encapsulate an anti-cancer drug for efficient deliver to an afflicted region.

The center welcomes opportunities for collaboration with organizations who share its vision for the development of new products to improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of clinical conditions and environmental hazards.

Welcome to our site. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how, together with our partners, we are changing the world.